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Henry V Trailer

Opening Chorus filmed on location

Othello Trailer

Othello Interview Film

Actors David Carr and Nicole Hartley talk about their roles as Othello and Desdemona

Meet the Macbeths    mp4    wmv

Actors Tom McGovern and Johanne Murdock talk about their roles as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Boys With Swords    mp4    wmv

Actors Tom McGovern and Morgan Philpott talk about learning the final fight between Macbeth & Macduff

From Holy Trinity to Dunsinane   mp4

How we transform a site specific venue   

Films created by Silvertip Films

Not seen one of our shows before?

These short films from previous seasons should whet your appetite!

Richard III Winter 2012

(Nightmare sequence, courtesy of Declan Randall, lighting designer)

The Merchant of Venice Summer 2011

The Comedy of Errors & As You Like It Summer 2008