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School Bookings

Throughout every show we offer a special schools rate to attend our shows. One Teacher goes free for every ten students.

Students: £15

Adults: £25

To Book

Email our Education Department

Or call the Box Office on 01483 304384

Free Education Packs

PDFs available to download. Please see our Teaching Resources Page.

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Our drama fun isn't just limited to term-time. Next Summer, your children can join us for two of Shakespeare's most magical plays.

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In each action-packed week, we’ll rehearse and perform our own version of the play, ending with an afternoon performance for friends and family. Expect to leave with plenty of new skills, games and friends.

For 12-18 year olds: THE TEMPEST

A ship is wrecked upon a magic island, but all is not as it seems. A powerful magician is out for revenge and his spirit is causing havoc. Meanwhile, a lonely girl discovers a brave new world, as a monster joins his new drinking buddies in an evil plot.

For 7-13 year olds: ROMEO AND JULIET

The Montagues hate the Capulets. The Capulets hate the Montagues. In the middle of their battle, two teenagers defy their families and fall in love. What follows has gone down in history as the most tragic love-story of all.

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