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Throughout every show we offer a special schools rate to attend our shows. One Teacher goes free for every ten students.

Students: £15

Adults: £25

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Email our Education Department

Or call the Box Office on 01483 304384

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"I knew the level of their success when I crept into the Hall to the total silence of

a rapt audience experiencing Shakespeare...”   Head of English, The Gordon School

Our team of professional actors and experienced theatre leaders will run fun and educational workshops for your students on any play you choose. We have run sessions on a variety of plays, on and off the curriculum (we do far more than Shakespeare). Whether you want to explore a particular theme, character, or use of language, we offer a range of workshops to suit your needs.

For further details, please select a workshop from our range;


Click here for examples of previous topics.

Email us for more information.

GSC Workshop

Ideal for: Students preparing for exams and essays, language exploration.

  • 2 hour workshops, £240 (1 hour workshop, £150)
  • One leader
  • Up to 30 students (£6.25 per pupil after)

Our professional leader will lead your students through a series of practical exercises. Explore your selected play’s themes, language or characters of your choice.

Performance Workshop

Ideal for: Large groups, students studying complete plays.

  • 80 minute workshop, £750
  • One leader and 3 actors
  • For a whole year group (up to 120 students. £6.25 per pupil after)

Our leader explains key quotes and context, as the actors deliver a cut version of your chosen play. Students take small roles within the performance and can redirect the actors for key scenes. The session concludes with a Q&A session with the cast and leader.

Story Workshop

Ideal for: Introducing Shakespeare to a young audience.

  • 1 hour workshop, £150 (additional workshops, £110)
  • One leader
  • Up to 30 children (£6.25 per pupil after)

Our leader presents an interactive story-based version of your chosen play. All the children will put a key scene on its feet and perform it to the rest of the group. Add further workshops to your day and excite multiple year groups about Shakespeare.

Interpretation Workshop

Ideal for: GCSE and A Level students.

  • 2 hour workshop, £500
  • One leader and 2 actors
  • Up to 30 students (£6.25 per pupil after)

Our leader and actors lead your students through different interpretations of your play’s key scenes. The students perform with the actors to further understand the dynamics of live theatre. The students direct the actors to fully explore the possibilities of a play in performance.

Previous Workshop Topics

Romeo & Juliet ~ Investigating interpretations of Romeo and Mercutio
Macbeth ~ Discovering how evolution of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship

The Canterbury Tales ~ Exploring its medieval context
A Midsummer Night's Dream ~ An all day workshop on Lovers and Faeries
King Lear ~ Unlocking Tragedy in Performance

An Inspector Calls ~ Investigating the different class roles

Measure For Measure ~ Exploring the nature of comedy in the play

Othello ~ Examining Iago's manipulation of Othello

Current Season



Caesar has returned to Rome: an icon bathed in glory. The people adore him…but what happens when one man holds too much power?

Focusing on the cult of personality, a government founded on propaganda and the most famous case of backstabbing in politics, Shakespeare's compellingly tense thriller still has relevance today.

JULIUS CAESAR is directed by GEMMA FAIRLIE (Royal Shakespeare Company; New Vic, Stoke):  “This is a Caesar of suits and PR campaigns, of violence and fear, caught in a high octane whirl of sound bites and camera flashes. As rumours fly and governments implode the story of Caesar will explode through Holy Trinity Church in a site specific contemporary version that uses this iconic backdrop of religious and political significance to explore this timely thriller.”

Students: £15

Adults: £25

One Teacher goes free for every ten students.

To Book

Email our Education Department

Or call the Box Office on 01483 304384

“Expect the unexpected”

British Theatre Guide, Alice in Wonderland, Autumn 2015


“It was the best performance we’ve ever had at the school and I’ve been a year 6 teacher for a long time!” Cathy Waters, Town Farm

In 2016, we ran our first ever schools tour of Macbeth. We travelled to ten disadvantaged schools in Surrey and performed a specially abridged version of the play on their school grounds.

Three actors shared various roles and the children were asked to take on several others, including King Duncan and the witches. A narrator liked the scenes and the children were brought into the audience through soundscapes, slow motion fights and our ever-popular 'Little Will' Shakespeare puppet. At the end of each performance, a teacher was invited on stage to play Macduff and face Macbeth in a fight to the death!

We are currently working on a new tour of Romeo and Juliet and a return for Macbeth in 2017. If you're interested in booking us, please contact us.

The 2016 tour of Macbeth was made possible through a partnership with Delight Charity and The Peter Cundill Foundation.




Teaching Resources



GSC Saturdays Eagle Radio Recordings

AUDIO: MACBETH Act 1, Scene 1&3


AUDIO: HAMLET Act 1, Scene 1



Education Pack (pdf)

VIDEO: Interview with The Gloucester Family MP4 (2015)

VIDEO: Interview with Lear's Daughters MP4 (2015)

Education Pack (pdf)

Education Pack (pdf)

Education Pack (pdf)

Trailer (O for a Muse of Fire) (YouTube)

Education Pack (pdf)

Trailer (You Tube)

Othello Interview

Actors David Carr & Nicole Hartley talk about their roles as Othello & Desdemona

Education Pack (pdf)

Meet the Macbeths (YouTube)

Actors Tom McGovern and Johanne Murdock discuss the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Boys With Swords (YouTube)

Actors Tom McGovern & Morgan Philpott discuss the final showdown between Macbeth & Macduff

From Holy Trinity to Dunsinane (YouTube)

How we transform a site-specific space

Education Pack (pdf)

Why study Shakespeare?

Producer Matt Pinches talks on 96.4 Eagle Radio, recorded for Shakespeare's Birthday (2013) (mp3)