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"A beacon for the Arts" Brian Blessed

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Henry V

Sonnet 116

John of Gaunt

Sir Kenneth Branagh & Brian Blessed

with Co-Founders Matt & Sarah at Othello in 2014

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Why is our 10th Anniversary so important?

In 2006, two Guildford-based actors, Sarah Gobran and Matt Pinches had an idea:


“To create a company that, in a time when we seem to be dumbing down art and promoting uninspiring celebrity culture, will produce Shakespeare that is exciting, engaging and accessible, whilst remaining faithful to the original works. Shakespeare is not exclusive or old-fashioned, and we have made it Guildford Shakespeare Company’s passion to prove it.”  from Mission Statement 2006


In 2016 with 64,500 audience members, GSC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.


The Co-Founders have never lost sight of their original vision for the company to re-ignite peoples’ passion for live theatre, Shakespeare and great story-telling. Together, with leading industry artists they have produced 27 home-grown dynamic and inspiring productions that have been accessible to the widest possible audience.


In the last 12 months alone, GSC have created staged 141 live performances and created 87 jobs; have staged King Lear with the mighty Brian Blessed; commissioned three original adaptations (The Canterbury Tales, The Wind in the Willow, Alice in Wonderland); engaged 2392 people, young and old, in workshops and events.


Live theatre has the power to bring communities together, not only to experience great performances, but also for participants to share each other's stories, lives and thoughts. When that collective experience is made locally an added layer of pride is infused, which further promotes continued engagement.


Therefore another key objective for the Co-Founders back in 2006 was to create a theatre company that was at the centre of the community it served:


“Having watched and been part of a great many theatre productions over the past 8 years, we feel Guildford is missing a golden opportunity, and with the help and support of local people and businesses, there is no reason for this venture not to become a successful annual event.” from Mission Statement 2006


As a site-responsive theatre company, GSC’s use of found spaces, local landmarks, heritage sites and vacant buildings has helped to develop and nurture community interest in these sites, both culturally and economically. In 2015, GSC has attracted thousands of new visitors to venues such as St Mary’s Church, Watts Gallery, Guildford Museum, and the Castle Keep.


Such activity invites individuals to be more explorative of their town whilst encouraging pride in their community. GSC’s presence also supports improvements to venues through continued, varied use, helping to sustain our cultural heritage.


Over the next three years, GSC will be working to consolidate our strengths and remain “niche” rather than run the risk of over expanding. Our focus will be to remain Guildford-centric, with the ultimate goal of promoting Guildford as a desired theatre destination.


The key factor in making this happen will be for GSC to find a permanent ‘home’ for its expanding administrative requirements, creative output, education work, and storage, whilst providing the company with a fixed public presence.


By having its own exclusive premises, the company will able to reinforce its status as a valuable, local, high quality arts and education provider, and as a model of performance and production excellence, recognised within our industry.


By establishing a more efficient, creative working environment GSC will broaden cultural engagement and generate more opportunities.


The next 10 years is about developing GSC’s artistic excellence to nurture the audiences and artists of tomorrow.


“This young, vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic company is always worth watching, and its aim to make Shakespeare accessible and fun pays off with many who previously avoided the Bard being totally converted.” British Theatre Guide, 2014

Guildford Shakespeare Company is a professional site-specific theatre company, specialising in Shakespeare. Our approach places the audience right at the heart of the action, immersing them in the world of the play, thereby demystifying the legend that Shakespeare is for an elite, educated few but rather is immediate and accessible to everyone.

“…to be spellbound, amused and to follow every moment of text and to want the production never to end…one of the best evenings of theatre I have ever been privileged to attend.” Audience member 2011

We want our 21st Century audiences to experience the same thrill and excitement that Shakespeare’s original audiences must have felt when they first saw the Ghost appear in Hamlet, the rousing battle cry of Henry V, and edge-of-your-seat anticipation in The Comedy of Errors.

"Jaw breakingly good" Audience member 2014

At GSC we use diverse and unusual non-theatre venues to create dynamic and challenging productions. From castles to lakes, churches to pubs, our approach merges the audience and acting space so that you’re given a visceral, stimulating and, above all, unique theatre experience.

“You're one of the reasons I love living in Guildford” Audience member, 2013

GSC productions are fresh, fast and modern in their interpretation of Shakespeare, but always in the original text and NEVER dumbed down.

We hope you enjoy these fabulous stories as much as we enjoy re-telling them.

GSC is an award-winning company:

          • The Mayor's Award for Access Through the Arts, 2013
          • Best Cultural Event of the Year, 2006 & 2007
          • 964 Eagle Radio Biz Awards, 2015 Finalists
          • Toast of Surrey Business Awards, 2010 & 2011 Finalists